How I created the Enjoy Harrogate Map artwork

by Anita Bowerman September 13, 2017 0 Comments

Enjoy Harrogate Map paper cut artwork in turquoise and white

My first ever paper cuts were the Tiger Tiger and Paradise one metre designs, which were inspired by 15th Century rugs.

This Harrogate map is the third major paper cutting project I set myself. My art gallery and studio is in Harrogate and I thought what better way for people to find me than for me to design a map with tiny details showing the main attractions, landmarks and things we all love about this historical town.

My first task was to choose some paper. I love the colour turquoise, it is such a vibrant colour which compliments most modern décor, so I sourced the paper and laid it out in my art studio. Using a guide, my first job was to plot the map drafting the roads in pencil and then added the historical buildings such as the Royal Hall, Harrogate Turkish Baths & Spa, Royal Pump Room and Cenotaph. Next followed the landmarks of Harrogate including the two notable green spaces in the centre of the town, one of which being The Stray. Here, I incorporated runners and dog walkers enjoying The Stray whilst at one end there is a football net with two boys playing. I then drew the Valley Gardens including the café with a couple of people sitting enjoying a coffee outside.

Next, using a tiny scalpel, it was time for the cutting to begin. Everything is in reverse when you are paper cutting, all of the writing and buildings have to be back to front. The trees took hours as I hand cut out the leaves on each. All in all it took me three months to complete from the research through to drawing and cutting out.

I then had the map photographed for making Giclée prints. Giclée prints are made using colourfast inks printed on archive paper. This map has been reproduced in the original turquoise colour, a turquoise and burgundy/pink and a grey/dark grey combination. These are available in three sizes.

Enjoy Harrogate Map paper cut artwork in turquoise and burgundy 

Enjoy Harrogate Map paper cut artwork in dark and light grey

The map has also been reproduced as a laser cut version in the original size.

Finally, the map has been screen printed onto velvet cushions.

Enjoy Harrogate Velvet Cushion range

I was very pleased with the finished result and the original map was bought by an American collector.

These Harrogate maps make perfect presents for those who love Harrogate and have been purchased by many people to decorate their houses in Harrogate.

The laser cut maps, Giclée prints and cushions can be ordered via this website for delivery anywhere in the UK (and internationally by special arrangement).

Anita Bowerman
Anita Bowerman


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