Sunshine at The Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley (Original Painting, Framed)


The famous Ilkley Moor inspired me to spend a few days painting outside. It was Summer and bright sunshine, the sunlight lighting up The Cow and Calf rocks as sheep wandered by, looking at me as they went by.  A rabbit hopped by, whilst some walkers can be spotted having a picnic on a bench. Meanwhile on top of the rocks a sheep dog looks down and overhead is a Red Kite bird. I painted the bracken in front of the rocks using bracken dipped into acrylic paint to create almost a feathery texture.
This is framed in a light wood contemporary frame. The painting is float mounted. If you would like to buy this painting without the frame or in a different frame, do contact us..

Size: 96 x 76cm
Orientation: Landscape
Framed: light wood contemporary frame
Type of painting: Acrylic
Painted on: Watercolour Paper
Delivery: 2 weeks


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