Springtime Sheep on Almscliffe Crag (Limited Edition Giclée Print)


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Painted outside, I captured this scene in front of Almscliffe Crag, an imposing ancient millstone grit outcrop. The sheep belong to Liddle’s farm and every year they occupy this field in Spring, having lambed. The mother’s carefully looking after their offspring.  I used a stone and fallen twig from the Crag to paint with, dipping the end into acrylic paint and applying it to the watercolour paper.  It was a delight to observe the sheep and their lambs particularly the one on top of its mother’s back.
This painting would suit any interior and make an ideal centrepiece. It can be framed in the frame of your choice.

Size: 76 x 56cm
Orientation: Landscape
Framed: No
Number in edition: 25
Delivery: 2 weeks